Cat Boarding


Our Facility

Our feline friends are housed in light airy cages. Each cat has his own bedding, litter box, water and food dishes. We serve Iams dry and canned cat food. Our cages are cleaned daily along with litter, water and food changed. We also have a lovely playroom with a window seat that looks upon the Letort Stream, along with tunnels, and a scratching post. 

Shot Records

If your cat is not up-to-date on these vaccines, the vaccine must be given AT LEAST 7 days in advance.

  • FELINE LEUKEMIA(encouraged but not required)

What To Bring

  • Shot Record: Please See "Shots Required"
  • Food: if your cat is on a prescription diet or has a sensitive stomach you are welcome to bring your own food (dry and/or canned)
  • Favorites: If your cat has a favorite treat or toy to make your cat's stay more comfortable.
  • Medication (if necessary): If your cat is on medication, please discuss this with our staff.


Pricing is per day including the drop-off date, and if you pickup before 10:30 a.m. boarding charges are not incurred for the pickup date.

Rate:                          $17