Dog Boarding


Our Facility

For our canine guest, we have private indoor sleeping areas with connecting, covered outdoor patios. Each sleeping area is equipped with a sleeping platform, bedding and a metal water dish. For extra large or geriatric dogs, we exchange the bedding platform for a comfy rubber mat padded with bedding. We offer chicken, lamb or a fish-based dog food, served in our own pet dishes. For those dogs with special diets or sensitive stomachs, we encourage you to bring your pet's own food.

Shots Required

If your dog is not up-to-date on any of these vaccines, then the vaccine must be given AT LEAST 7 days in advance.

  • BORDETELLA (Canine Cough)

What to Bring

  • Shot Records: Please see shots required.
  • Favorites: Guests may bring a favorite Toy, Nylabone or treats to make their pet's stay more comfortable.
  • Small Blanket: Please do not bring a dog bed or large blankets due to them being harder to wash.
  • Food: If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is on a prescription diet. We do have a refrigerator and freezer if needed for storage purposes.
  • Medication (If Necessary): If your pet is on any medication, please discuss this with our staff in advance.


Play Time: $5 for a 20 minute session

A 20 Minute one-on-one play session of supervised activity, including frisbee, playing ball, and running, all tailored to your dog's need and interests.


Medication can be given upon request at an additional cost. please discuss this with our staff to ensure proper dosage.


Please see our Bathing page for details.


Pricing is per day including the drop-off date, and if you pickup before 1030 a.m. boarding charges are not incurred for the pickup date.


  • Small (1-30 pounds)                                             $24
  • Medium (31 - 70 pounds)                                    $25
  • Large (71 - 120 pounds)                                       $26
  • Extra Large (over 121 pounds)                           $27